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About Us

Chosen Family Coaching was launched when the COVID-19 pandemic was at its peak. It was inspired by our founder’s experience in working as a residential director of a boys’ treatment facility. Our program model is based on experiential therapy, color code modelling and theraplay. The boys that we have worked with have prospered after receiving this more natural form of therapy.

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A feedback-based support service

We use our experience and expertise to prepare children for the outside world and to help them transition back into homes, into college and into independent living. The feedback that we have received from children has proved to be incredibly valuable to us. We have used our findings to help children implement the tools we give them into home life environments, asking them how we can improve before shaping our service around their feedback as well as our experience in working in residential environments.

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The importance of the chosen family

We take our name from the fact our founder has eight children. None of these children is 100% biologically related to her. Our founder saw children in treatment quickly start to feel like an extended branch of her own kids, hence the importance of the “chosen family” concept. We always explain to children that “family” is a choice. We all have the ability to decide who we wake up with each day and who we want to love, respect and experience growth with. Anyone who is lacking a mother, father, is adopted or simply feels alone can benefit from a chosen family. We also believe that we all have the ability to rebuild relationships.

You can get in touch with us at any time if you need assistance with family coaching in Gilbert, AZ. Our services have been fine-tuned to assist adolescents and families to improve mental health and achieve real wellness. We are passionate about teaching healthier relationship styles and provide a full wrap-around transitional support service that consists of life, health and wellness coaching plus teen monitoring. Coaching can be provided within the home and over Zoom.


Bespoke support tailored to specific needs

Our specialist wellness coaches collaborate closely with our clients to come up with meal plans and assess exercise and sleep hygiene via text and Zoom sessions. We do this to ensure our clients are well enough to work with our mental health experts. Teen advocates and mentors are also available to deliver additional support.

We work closely with clients to help them achieve weekly targets. We can arrange residential support that enables families to stay at home and can check in with you over text and during Zoom meetings.

Chosen Family Coaching is the only family-owned business of its type in Gilbert. We can help you access struggling family members through text, phone calls and Zoom. If a client is ever struggling we can arrange an emergency solution so they don’t need to wait a number of days for their scheduled session.