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The primary duties of a life coach include motivating, encouraging and supporting their clients. Adolescence can be a very challenging time, but a life coach can offer vital support for those who need help with transitioning into adult life, into college or back into their homes. A life coach can provide young people with essential skills to cope with life’s challenges more effectively. Life coaches can provide valuable clarity to young people, help them set and meet goals and enable them to improve their mental, emotional and physical health.

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Who We Are

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Stephanie Grothaus

Founder and Head Life Transition Coach


Josh Cain

Health and Wellness Coach and Teen Life Coach


Tiffany Montierth

Teen Advocate and Transport Specialist


Vince Petti

Wellness Coach and Teen Mentor



Cory Cranage

Experiential Mentor and Transport Specialist

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Kai Ledbetter

Teen Advocate Coach

Ready for Change?

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How an Adolescent Life Coach Can Help

Life coaches for young people including adolescents can help clients to process disappointment better and make them more resilient. A life coach can also work closely with young people to help them reduce feelings of anxiety and discover a new sense of calm. The emotions and feelings experienced by young people as they grow up can seem overwhelming and cause teenagers to become withdrawn. However, a life coach can collaborate with young people to reduce these feelings of unease.

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Setting Achievable Targets

An adolescent life coach can also work with a young person to help them set realistic and achievable goals. Setting goals can be very effective when it comes to helping adolescents to prepare for adult life. It can also give them a valuable sense of accomplishment that improves their self-esteem and leaves them feeling more prepared for subsequent challenges. Life coaches can also teach young people how to make better, smarter and more informed decisions whilst dealing with stress more effectively.

At Chosen Family Coaching, we are always on hand to provide valuable life coaching services in Gilbert. We have a great deal of experience when it comes to working with young people, preparing them for adulthood and boosting their confidence and self-esteem. We work closely with adolescents and their families across Gilbert to improve their well-being. Coaching can be provided in-person and over Zoom and text. We can also provide access to teen advocates and mentors for extra support. We are the only family-owned business of our type in the local area and can also provide emergency support when a client or their family cannot wait several days for a scheduled session.

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